Tip no.3 Sound

Get your sound right

Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CapUpl7MnxA

Please avoid the pitfalls of having the microphone off. Not fully connected and not actually having one. Get a microphone. Even for your smart phone. Being able to be heard is super important. 

It's a worthy investment. It really is. You can use it then for documenting your life as well. Do it! Get one. You can check out my suggestions in an earlier blog: https://mrselftape.com/tips/2018/5/15/cant-get-me-round

Have a great day wherever you are. Be kind. Collaboration is the way forward! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! There's enough of the pie to get around! 

Big love! 


Sometimes, all you need is a good reader

Is your mum an actor?

Well you've got your set up. Your lighting is perfect. Your sounding like Scarlet Johansson in 'Her'. Your framing is making you look like anyone could hire you... but you haven't got a reader that cuts the mustard. I'm sure your mum is amazing, or your brother, or dog, but they can't quite give you what you need to react and respond in the moment. 

If you live with actors you are sorted. If you are in a community of actors on social media, you are also sorted. Last resort, come to Mr Selftape and we can either come to you in London or if you are in another part of the world, then we can Skype! Let's not let the lack of a good reader get you the part. 

Big love! Be Kind! Be Truthful!


You know, head-shots are what get you in the room as an actor. They just are. It's the fact, a good headshot can get you the part you've been dreaming of. 

Many of you have seen amazing deals for £100. Or even cheaper. Nope. No. Don't do it. This is not advisable. YOU NEED TO INVEST IN YOUR CAREER!! Take a lone out! Beg, borrow, don't steal and spend decent money on your head shots!!! Maybe flog your xbox on eBay? (if you want this, you will). 

Decent head shots will last you at least 3 years! Possibly longer. If you spend £300 on a great head shot photographer, you won't be disappointed. 

Do I know one? Yes. He's leading the way in studio head shots. The fashion now is to do studio. They make everything more defined. 

Go to his website now and book him before he becomes WAY too busy. 

Here it is: 


Yup. That's it. Go and do your head shots with him Now. Go on. You know you want to. 

I had a session with him recently for promotional stuff for ma thang. I felt safe and confident in his eyes. Twas so good. 

Big love! 

Be good to one another. You are not competing with one another. We are in this together! 




So, collaboration is the new way forward. You may think I'm shooting myself in the foot here by doing a massive shout out for a competitor of mine: www.self-tape.co.uk

No way, I love Will Austin. He is such a generous and talented man. Not only a very fine and gifted  actor, but he's a very, very good all round film maker. He is making the best bespoke, custom made show reels in town. Possible the country. 

Just have a look at what he can do for you: 


And look out, in October 2018 there's an exciting thing coming your way! 

Big love! 

Be great, be bold and live life huge! 


Tip no.1 Framing

Getting this right is the first thing to really get your head round. It sounds simple, but I've heard horror stories! Come on people, lets improve your chances, not decrease them! 

Framing is a serious business. Have fun with it though! Just play! That's the best way of discovering things. 

Check out this video. 

Have a good one! 

Big love! 


5 Really Good Cameras for Self-tapes

Clearly the market is saturated with literally incredible cameras ranging in price and functionality. I seriously think you can get away with your smartphone at the moment. That like everything will change rapidly. As the self-tape quality improves and the competition goes up, casting directors, producers and directors will be more impressed with higher quality video production. 

Really all you need to do that is to have good sound and lighting for your smartphone, which is why in my last blog I said you don't need a big fancy smancy camera. But if you'd like to go to the next level, then check these out. 

It's not a definitive list and it's only 5, however these are amazing, versatile and high quality cameras. We will ascend in cost. 

No. 1

The Besteker Wifi Camcorder £152.99

This is not a huge name, but for what it offers and the reviews it has, it’s a great place to start, plus it comes with mic! But remember, you pay for what you get. Amazon has some pretty good reviews. The rest of the camera’s here are more trusted and well known brands, but this shouldn’t stop you getting this great piece of kit.

Buy it here.

No. 2

The NIKON COOLPIX B500 £199.95 

So a really nice quality, I think entry camera. It's got all you need and more. You can plug in an external mic and it's Nikon a very reliable and quality make. This guy does a great review here. 

Buy it here. 


The SONY A5000 £349.00

Sony are absolutely crushing it at the moment. Making really lovely camera's with great options and gorgeous lenses. This is such a small camera! So small! It doesn't have an aux in or out so you can't put your external mic in, but hey, it's sooooo small! I love it! Check out the review here. 

Buy it here. 

No. 4

The SONY A6000 £429.00 

We are just going Sony now, especially as they are so flexible and lovely and SMALL!   Yet still produce great images! This one can do all you want and more. Just get this one really. Just this one. I know it's pricey, but it's well worth it. Check out the review here. 

Buy it here. 

No. 5

The SONY A7 £871.26

I would have put my one, but you never, ever need to spend this much money on a camera for self-taping purposes. Unless you want to start filming in 4K. Which is pointless for uploads of self tapes. So this is the one that you want instead. You can get it for a reasonable price. Here's a great review. 

Buy it here.

Well there you go lovelies. Have fun, save some money and get a great camera that you can have set up in your space to just shoot and go.