Why self-tape at a studio?

There are lots of wonderful self-tape services in London now. Mr Selftape is the premier mobile self-tape service in London with a base in South West London. Shameless plug!!!

Now I’ve been talking about whether these services are necessary when you can get together your own kit, which I talk about here. They aren’t necessary, they are an optional extra. However like restaurants, gyms (not sure if these are the most relevant analogies) where you can experience a service, you could get all you need rather than going to these places for your food and fitness requirements. But why does anyone go to these places, when you could do it at home with friends and family or on your own?

This is the question that I often think about and what a lot of people think about when it comes to self-taping. You can easily and quite inexpensively get your own kit and do a tape with a friend who’s an actor or someone who’s happy to read in with you. This I encourage and applaud. I am not here to persuade people to use me or go and spend hard earned cash on self-tape services when you can do them yourself.

I do predict however that there will be a time coming soon, like the US where more often than not people will be going to studios to get their tapes done, no matter the profile of the job. Like the gym, these places will provide a service where you can trust the equipment and the people working there to deliver high quality recording services with a good reader and the ability to edit and upload for you. This just reduces the stress of doing self-tapes exponentially.

But do chose your studio wisely. There are a few out there that promise a lot and don’t deliver. There is even one very high profile studio space that charges a lot and more often than not do not provide an actor as a reader. At some pointI will do a review of the best studios in London and where they are, so that you can find them if you are in a certain location.

Here is why I suggest you find a studio to do your self-tapes:

  • Finding a reader last minute.

  • Struggles with the technology.

  • Time constraints.

  • Lack of space at home.

  • Stress relief.

  • For the big jobs that require that professional edge.

Always be savvy and save money as I said at the beginning, self-tape studios are optional extras, but they do reduce the stress!

Happy self-taping!