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Amit Shah

Simon Bubb

I used Mr Self Tape for a self tape audition a couple of months ago and it was a fabulous experience. He came with all the kit (camera, tripod, microphone and lighting) and we tried the scene many times (he’s an actor so you get a great reader too!) until I was perfectly happy and comfortable with the result. He then downloaded it for me to send on to my agent. Self tapes can be pretty stressful and last minute, but Mr Self Tape took away all the stress and calmly and cheerfully guided me through a most enjoyable self tape experience. I highly highly recommend him if you’re stuck and confused about how to produce and send the perfect self tape audition!
— Daphne Alexander -Actor
My experience with Frazer was extremely positive. He was able to turn around a last minute self tape that I needed very very quickly. He was a great reader, was very prompt and professional, and put me at ease immediately with his warmth. Would highly recommend!
— Caroline Day-Actor
If you’re an actor looking to get a self tape done, look no further. Mr Self Tape is amazing. Quick, professional and great quality - honestly makes your tape shine. Highly recommend!
— Tom Kelsey
I’m so glad I discovered Mr. Selftape. Frazer is not only absolutely reliable, professional and punctual - and totally on top of what he’s doing, he’s also a pleasure to work with: encouraging, sunny, friendly and easy-going. His service takes all the stress out of self-taping and makes everything easy; he sorts the whole process from setting up, filming and feeding you cues to getting the finished tape to the right person at the right time.
— Rosalind Adler- Actor
The go to man if you need a self-tape! He recorded a monologue for me at short notice, professional set up and quick turn around, very impressed with quality and sound as was a well known Casting director who watched it, will 100% use again! Thanks Frazer!
— Charlotte M Law
I had to submit a last minute self tape to Sony Pictures in the US which ended up being used as my screen test and eventually got me the job...who did I use? Mr Self Tape! Frazer was very accommodating. He drove to my address with all of his equipment and created a relaxed and friendly environment. He gave me detailed and helpful opinions on what he thought worked and I ended up with a very professional looking self tape that I was happy to submit. On top of all this it was helpful to work with someone who also works as an actor and understands the rhythm and technicality of a scene.
— Amit Shah- Actor
Frazer is an ideal choice to do your self-tape. He’s friendly and knowledgeable, and being an actor he knows how to help you feel relaxed and confident. Plus it’s great to have someone you can trust with the technology.
— Simon Bubb - Actor
When first booking Mr Selftape, he was very communicative - no question unanswered! I’ve booked him a few times now and he is reliable, courteous, professional and he delivers! I’m always happy with the product. An actor himself he’s been great to use for read-ins on the tapes which is so valuable when you can’t get anyone to help with that crucial audition. The quality of the tape looks so good, way better than what I could produce and takes the hassle out of trying to edit etc. Highly highly recommend. Plus he is a really nice guy.
— Sinead Clancy
Frazer is friendly, flexible and knowledgeable about the technical requirements of making a range of videos, I highly recommend his services.
— Clara- Actor
If you got a Self-Tape audition to submit at short notice and your a bit of a technophobe with the camera lighting and sound like me and you’ve got no one to read with you. Then there is only one person you need to call, that’s Frazer aka Mr Self-Tape. He can come to you promptly, professional with good acting experience and performance feedback and gets your video clips back quickly. Great Service. Great Guy. Great Bike!
— Yinka Awoni- Actor
I had a last minute self tape request sent through to me on an all too hectic day. The task seemed near impossible, however I contacted Mr Self Tape and he was flexible with timing and willing to go the extra mile (literally) for me. The session was filled with laughter and positivity, bringing with him the right equipment and a great attitude, thanks Mr Self Tape.
— Kate Goodfellow- Actor
Frazer is amazingly professional and talented. His camera and acting skills are amazing, which really helped as I needed to someone to read with me as well as record me. Very happy with the end result. Thank you!!
— Kiriem Bello- Actor
Frazer took all the stress out of the technical stuff, and produced a way more dynamic and watchable video than I could have ever made on my own. Frazer has become my go-to video guy!
— Catherine Searle- Life Coach
Frazer’s unique combination of filming and editing skills mixed with his energy, enthusiasm and understanding of performance to camera means he is able to produce a high standard of work whilst being a joy to work with.
— Nev Floyd- Story Seed Productions
I love working with Frazer it’s so much better and hassle free to have someone come to you and do a self tape from the comfort of your own home! With him being an actor too I felt so much more at ease and grateful to have a reader to feed me lines. The end product was great and so much better than my crumby self taping. Frazer even sent my audition videos for me which was such a relief as I’m terrible with technology and felt more relaxed to concentrate on the work!
— Camilla Clayton-Actor
My experience with Mr self tape was brilliant professional and personable, he helps to make the process smooth and rich.
— Jerome Roberts- Actor
Frazer Blaxland aka Mr Self Tape is a hero! He has saved me on countless occasions at incredibly short notice and provides a studio quality, professional & fast service. Warm & friendly and having an in depth knowledge of working in the industry himself he know’s the importance of a great self tape. I have recommended him to all my colleagues and consider him and integral part of my team.
— Bevan Viljoen
I’m so glad I’ve found Mr Selftape through luck really. The previous year was a real hassle. I often couldn’t get fitted in at weekends or it would cost an extraordinary amount of money if they could. My friend who kindly helped me wasn’t in the acting game and wasn’t an expert in knowing about a camera. Often I would have to do it again as the curtains were a distraction and by the time I figured out where and how I could do the self-tape, time was ticking away leaving me less time to look at the script I’d been sent. I often needed to google the context to understand what I was saying and many a time you only have 24 hours to submit. So all in all Mr Selftape has been a God Send in my eyes; no more hassle, no more going back and re-doing. Exactly what they needed and done in a professional way. It’s even made me like self-taping now, especially when Mr Selftape is willing to travel to you. Selftapes under your own roof; no more hassle.
— Kierston Wareing