My Friends

Here are my friends, who do the things that I cannot do, but would love for you to know about them and go to them for all the things that I cannot.


The Audition Doctor

Tilly Blackwood is an exceptional human. In the field of getting you ready for auditions or getting you to feel more confident in your acting there is no where else you can go. So go here.

If you are nervous about a self-tape that requires both our attention, you can get a session with us here.

Bespoke Show Reel Scenes

Will Austin is fast becoming the best showreel scene director, producer, cinematographer, editor, etc in London if not the country.

Book with them here.

Head Shots

We don’t do headshots, because this man does. Ivan Wiess. A consummate gentleman who makes you feel confident, relaxed and takes extraordinary photo’s.

Book with him here.