The self-tape service that comes to you!

For the last 2 and a half years now Mr Selftape has been travelling to clients all over London bringing all the equipment:

  • lights

  • camera

  • back drop

  • microphone

  • editing software

  • reader

Really all anyone needs to get a self-tape done in the comfort of their own home.

Why have someone come to you?

There are so many good and affordable studios out there in London. However the reason why people use Mr Selftape is the time constraints. More often than not you may not have time to get out to a studio or don’t want to add to the stress by getting to one. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is as stress free as possible. Especially if the place where you feel most relaxed is at home.

Isn't it expensive?

Yes, yes it is. However we are still cheaper than you spending money getting to spotlight and spending an hour in one of their studios, with a non-actor more often than not. However as I often say, if you can do it yourself, you must. We at Mr Selftape are an optional extra! Plus the stress we remove and the time we save we think we are worth it.

Where do you come to?

We come any where in London zones 1-4, outside that area we charge a little more. It’s a job we love, so we like to travel.

So, let the premier mobile self-tape service come to you and deliver you from those self-tape worries.