Frazer Blaxland.

My Recent work

Spotlight  - To find my casting profile, go here. It also has a link to my CV in full. 

VICON - Had the great joy and honour of working the ground breaking VICON. What a great and friendly team as well. 

KLIEN AND SONS - A lovely few days working with a great crew including the next Nolan, Christopher Bevan Lee. 

The MoCap Academy - These guys rocked my acting world and gave me a new acting purpose. Please do a course with them. Click here to see what they offer. 

The Only Living Boy- Working with Maija Timonen was treat and a joy especially as she put me with the lovely Zoe and Hannah.   

How I've trained

Roehampton University -Here I studied Drama Theatre and Performance Studies. I learnt part of my craft here through a Voice module, Comedy Performance module and Site Specific Performance. 

National Youth Theatre -A great and truly excellent experience shaping the beginnings of my acting life. 

Rose Bruford College - Trained for a year. 

The Mocap Academy- Just wonderful people who give you the best start. Please go to them!  

The Identity School of Acting-  Currently training with the best tutors in GB. 

Where I want to be

Working with Great directors of all forms of media

At the Donmar

Working as a Performance Capture Artiste

Working as Voice Artist